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Brian Tracy’s invitation to the event in Bangkok on June 15, 2016

View the Brian Tracy’s invitation to the event in Bangkok on June 15, 2016. Standard, Premium and VIP tickets available NOW:

Posted by on Thursday, April 26, 2016

Standard, Premium and exclusive VIP tickets available NOW!

  • 10% discount for Premium for next events for 1 year
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  1. How to manage people and processes in the current ever-changing unstable environment?
  2. What do you need to do to increase the sales and market reach?
  3. How to change your business model to achieve stability and increase profitability?



«There is nothing more permanent than change. Change has always existed and will always exist. It is important to know that any change can be used to benefit your business.» 

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy’s new program «Anti-Crisis Thinking and New Opportunities in Business» contains all the tools and self-, people- and business-process es techniques for increasing the stability and profitability of your business.

The Program is a intensive study business seminar, which includes an immersive hands-on session geared specifically for managers, business owners and their teams.

After completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • analyze and diagnose the most important problems in the company/department
  • manage not only themselves but their team in the challenging and ever-changing environment
  • make right decisions in fast-changing and crisis situations
  • offer critical changes to the commercial business processes required for improving effectiveness of the business and increasing market share
  • come up with new business model allowing to increase the stability and profitability of their company


  • Brian Tracy Brian Tracy

    Who is Brian Tracy?

    Brian Tracy – the author and speaker of this program is one of the world’s most recognized business thought leaders and an authoritative coaches when it comes to strategic business development and growth.

    Brian Tracy has consulted for more than 1,000 companies and addressed more than 5,000,000 people in 5,000 talks and seminars throughout the US, Canada and 69 other countries worldwide. As a Keynote speaker and seminar leader, he addresses more than 250,000 people each year.

    Brian has tremendous experience personally working with numerous top managers and business owners of small and large companies in the world. All techniques and tools that you will learn in this program have been applied and thoroughly and successfully tested in real cases by real, successful companies.

    Brian holds both Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Business Management and has authored more than 70 books in the areas of productivity, time management, leadership and business growth.

    Video Brian Tracy


June, 15

Managers and team members who are managing the day-to-day business activities that generate profit and incur critical expenses for the company.


Business owners, managers and their team members who make key decisions in the company. Employees determining the organization’s strategic development.
The Price of admission is easily less than 1% of the incredible VALUE, you will gain during the Program.


June, 15

Business Seminar:


Part 1. Proactive self-management and how to effectively manage a team in a crisis environment
  • business problems and methods of solving them
  • anti-crisis management: 7 steps to overcome a crisis
  • anti-crisis thinking: how to focus on the most critical and important things
  • effective team management
Part 2. How to sell more in the new market environment
  • products and service analysis
  • client analysis
  • competitive analysis
  • sales and marketing analysis
  • client relationship analysis


If you are not yet familiar with Brian Tracy — please see this video from one of his famous seminars.

It is commonly accepted that Brian Tracy’s programs are ideal. Why is that?

  • Brian only delivers the most effective and valuable ideas, that have een tested by him in his own business
  • He is a great example of an effective leader, having a thriving business with the annual revenue over $500 millions USD
  • There is a difference between knowing how to succeed and being able to teach success and motivate others. Brian has the gift of being able to combine both

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Wisoot Sangarunlert

Wisoot Sangarunlert

I am a big fan of Mr. Brian Tracy! I read many of his books and took his on-line courses, including buy more than 10 sets of the audiobooks. These inspired me. Now he is coming and I am so excited. Can’t wait to join it!

More Praise

Dr. Jeff D. Standridge

Dr. Jeff D. Standridge

Vice President
In my 25-year career, I have participated in and facilitated a large number of sales and leadership training programs. The Sales Success Intensive (SSI) from Brian Tracy International is the most comprehensive sales “deep-dive” that I have ever experienced. The content is outstanding and applies to any industry. The opportunity to customize the modules to the specific sales disciplines through group facilitation makes it truly a gem.
Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham

President and CEO Abraham Group
This is one of the best programs that I’ve ever seen to completely transform an existing company into a strategic “power plant” that can generate stable profits in the marketplace. These ideas really work! Brian Tracy is one of the best success coach in the world. No one will give you more practical advice than him.
Anne Marie Crake

Anne Marie

Real Estate Broker
WOW! What an amazing, timeless life coach! Brian Tracy was a breath of fresh air, a kick in the butt, a reality check, a shot in the arm and a huge blessing! He oozes with discipline and laser-sharp focus!

Details and Pricing

Participant Level June, 15 – Business seminar
Standard Premium VIP
Distance from the stage Rear Rows Middle Rows Round Tables Next to Stage
LUNCH Yes Yes VIP-LUNCH with the speaker
Autographed Books Yes Yes
Certificate Yes Yes Yes
Photo Session Group
Author’s Session Public Public Private
Workbook with material and exercises Yes Yes Yes
Audio equipment for simultaneous translation Yes Yes Yes
Price: 11 000 THB 19 500 THB 32 000 THB
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June 15 – SCHEDULE

  • Registration

  • Greeting by organizers

    Introductions and schedule review
  • Brian Tracy
    Brian Tracy

    Proactive self-management and how to effectively manage a team in a crisis environment

    business problems and methods of solving them, anti-crisis management
  • Networking

    Participants networking, establishing business contacts
  • Brian Tracy
    Brian Tracy

    Proactive self-management and how to effectively manage a team in a crisis environment

    Anti-crisis thinking and effective team management
  • Lunch

  • Brian Tracy
    Brian Tracy

    How to sell more in the new market environment

    Business processes analysis, products and services analysis, client analysis
  • Networking

    Participants networking, establishing business contacts
  • Brian Tracy
    Brian Tracy

    How to sell more in the new market environment

    competitive analysis, sales and marketing analysis, client relationship analysis



  • Change your thinking and you change your life
    Brian Tracy
  • Listening to people brings many benefits, which you can never realize with talking. There is no better way to gain person’s trust than to carefully listen to what that person has to say.
    Brian Tracy
  • No one is better than you. No one is smarter than you. They just started earlier than you.
    Brian Tracy